Be remarkable

We recognise the newly created overseas market that is our diaspora. Never before in history have so many of our brightest and best scattered the globe in search for new horizons.

All with the common denominator…the hunger and ‘thirst’ for a piece or home and the elusive ‘Real Irish Pub’. POP UP PUB intend to quench that thirst.

We believe every inflatables hirer, bounce house rental company or tent/marquee business needs a POP UP PUB Inflatable Pub in their portfolio.

POP UP PUB is a concept driven by the party hire and events sector’s need for unique, instant and temporary venues.

The POP UP PUB project has lead to additional services being introduced such as POP UP MOVIE SCREENS.

We will live screen small parochial Irish events into purpose build (patent pending) Air buildings designed by a specialist US based screen manufacturer.