Donegal woman launches Ireland’s very first inflatable pub –


We’ll be bouncing off the walls.

JOE loves a trip down to our local pub on a Friday night but we can’t help but feel that the atmosphere could be improved just a little bit.

While we’re fond of hearing ‘Old Billy’ in the corner recalling the same story for the 37th time and seeing our local bartender give out to anyone who dares asks for the TV channel to be changed, there’s one thing missing.

What’s missing you ask? How about some inflatable and bouncy walls.

This is soon to be a thing of the past though after Donegal entrepreneur Caitriona Mulhern, originally from Ballybofey but now living in Milford, is in the process of setting up her own pop-up-pub company.

Imagine having a pub that’s confined within the cosy walls of a bouncing castle but in your back garden.

God almighty, could you imagine having a pub in your back-garden? You’ll never have to endure those long, cold and drunken walks home.

Plus we also imagine that the ground is softer to fall on if you or any of your mates happen to ‘lose balance’ on a Saturday night.

If you fancy creating your very own pub like Moe’s, Cheers or McCoy’s then all you need is €300 to rent the inflatable structure but there’s a catch.

Like all pubs, the publican will have provide their own booze for their patrons. After all, you wouldn’t want to let your mates down and deflate the craic.

We reckon that you can make the €300 back though by charging a fiver at the door bouncing castle entrance and asking people to bring their own drink. Genius.

Speaking with The Examiner she said, “We provide the unit, with a standing capacity of 80, along with the flooring, lighting, bar, optics, taps, and furniture for 20 sitting”.

We’re very intrigued by this idea and it will definitely make all those drunken 3am dances with your partner much easier because they’ll probably prefer to accidentally brush up against a cushy, inflated and bouncy wall than an actual brick wall.

You see, we’ve an inflated opinion of our dance skills.