Ireland’s first inflatable pub to open in Donegal This Donegal couple take ‘pop-up’ businesses very literally! –

Pop Up Pub Polestar

‘Pop-up’ businesses have been appearing all over Ireland for some time now – but none have taken the term as literally as Donegal’s planned inflatable pub.

The Examiner reports that Catriona Mulhern, who has worked for Heineken for over a decade, will launch the blow-up boozer on St Patrick’s day weekend.

Rather than installing taps, she and her husband Paul will institute a BYOB policy to keep things affordable:

“The pop-up pub will give them the luxury of thinking they are in a pub but being able to drink at supermarket prices.”

The couple plan to rent out the space to wedding parties, children’s events, or even to pubs who want to relocate for a day – all for a charge of €300:

“We provide the unit, with a standing capacity of 80, along with the flooring, lighting, bar, optics, taps, and furniture for 20 sitting.

“Customers can then add to the package by including extra seating, refrigeration, extra marquee, lighting, a DJ or a dance floor.”