A much loved activity of many is to pop down the local for a pint or a glass of wine. To catch up, soak up the atmosphere and unwind nothing beats the world renowned ‘Irish Pub’.

Now ‘local’ being the operative word, when a Donegal based company will ‘POP UP’ Irish Pubs in New York this week. POP UP PUB will offer that elusive real Irish Pub experience in your own back yard this summer.

Founded in 2015, mother of two Catriona Mulhern has a business worth ‘blowing’ about with a busy season of festivals and events in the diary.

POP UP PUB emerged after ex Heineken sales executive Catriona noticed a change in socialising trends owing to recession, drink driving legislation and alcohol price wars in supermarkets.

“People still needed to celebrate and socialise but less and less frequented the local pub as they may have done previously, more and more the popularity of in-house hosting grows” remarked Catriona.

Acknowledging the hassle and time involved in organising such events, Catriona decided there was a market for instant, temporary and fun venues to take the pain out of partying !

Having sourced Air buildings and investing on some furniture and bar counters POP UP PUB started business in March 2015. The business has been incredibly successful in Ireland to date and thanks to the power of the media, word soon spread across the Atlantic.

“Of course another factor leaving Irish Pubs quiet right now is emigration, with many of our brightest and best having their pints in Irish Pubs overseas” said Catriona

“Dozens of enquiries arrive weekly from our friends in the USA and Canada and up until this point we have had to disappoint them all, which is why now, with my New York based distributor Mr Bill Carey, we are stateside and ready to POP UP wherever we are needed’ laughed Mulhern.

“We have had hurling clubs get in touch looking for our services as well as most recently The Ohio Celtic Festival which is in August , so the race is on to get settled into our US base as quickly as possible’ said Catriona.

POP UP PUB can also hold claim to an unusual first having designed and manufactured the Worlds only inflatable Irish thatched cottage ‘The Thatch’ in 2015. Complete with lime wash effect walls, oxide red sash windows, half door and of course the thatched roof. Catriona believes this air building will be most popular with our Irish-American counterparts in the coming season. The unit was shipped to New York in 2015 and is currently attending trade shows across the USA.

In addition to this POP UP PUB will offer add on services. The most exciting of which being the live streaming of parochial Irish events onto specially designed Pop Up Movie Screens within the Pop Up Pubs themselves.

“This is the project I am most looking forward to’ said Catriona. ‘We know from personal experience, the disappointment felt on not being able to attend a family function or that important game when overseas. So we propose to allow real time participation through this service with parties happening in tandem across the divide’. Claimed Mulhern.

‘With going live this week, people will be able to check out exactly what’s on offer when one hires a POP UP PUB and watch a recent drone footage video taken at Rosapeanna Golf Club where even Daniel O Donnell popped up, but only had a cup of tea !’ joked Catriona.

Currently seeking agents all across the US and Canada, Catriona urges those interested in adding a POP UP PUB to their portfolio or indeed looking to start up a POP UP PUB business themselves to get in touch.

‘We believe every festival, inflatables hirer, tent company and ‘ambitious would be entrepreneur’ should have a POP UP PUB yesterday’ said Mulhern. ‘We offer quality structures, designed and manufactured to our clients distinct preference and provide support, training and US based warranty which is most important. This is a rewarding and fun business with a quick return on investment as typically they hire every weekend here in Donegal so the opportunities in the US market place will be multiples of what we have here’ remarked Mulhern.

Bank Of Ireland Start Up Awards finalists in 2016 POP UP PUB are creating quite a stir in Ireland and intend to create the same excitement and more in the USA.

So, watch this space. POP UP PUB truly are ‘popping up’ everywhere right now!

More information is available on the main website or from this week as well details of upcoming and past events at