Now you can rent an inflatable pub! –

When you were younger you’d book a bouncy castle for the back garden, but since you’ve matured (just a little bit), you can now consider renting out an inflatable pub!

The ‘Pop up pub’ was launched in Donegal earlier this month by Caitriona Mulhern and it’s getting significant attention already. So, what’s the deal? It’s simple enough really, you hire out the bar, they deliver it and set it up with flooring, lighting, furniture, a bar counter, and a smoking shelter.

There’s additional extras that you can opt for including heaters, cooler and tap systems, a dance floor, DJ, karaoke, catering, bar staff, a marquee, so it’s safe to say they have you covered for most of what you need.

It’s not just punters in their garden who would want to rent this out, it could be very useful for pubs looking to get a bit more decorative with their outdoor space for big occasions like match days. Corporate parties would obviously love this kind of stuff too.

If you’re interested in booking it out you’ll have to contact them directly, which you can do via their website . Or via their facebook page.