A woman in Donegal is starting up Ireland’s first inflatable pub business – http://entertainment.ie

Inflatable pop up pub

For those times when getting to the pub seems like too much hassle, why not get the inflatable pub in?

Caitriona Mulhern of Donegal has decided to give up her job to focus on building her own company, based around pop-up inflatable pubs. While the business hasn’t launched just yet, she has apparently been inundated with queries for the idea, according to The Irish Examiner.

She plans to officially launch on St. Patrick’s weekend (good timing, we dare suggest) and the idea behind it is to give people the pub atmosphere without the expense. “I feel people who want to drink or have a party at home are going to do that anyway”, said Caitriona, “the pop-up pub will give them the luxury of thinking they are in a pub but being able to drink at supermarket prices”.

The service will cost about €300 for people to rent, and they will need to provide their own alcohol, and can rent a DJ or band to liven things up, as it has a capacity of 80. The pop-up pub includes flooring, lighting, bar, optics, taps, and furniture that will seat 20.

The business will also provide a booze-free option for kids’ parties too, so that you can have the party in the garden and not have to worry about the big clean up afterwards. Better than a bouncy castle, anyway.